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BBOI invited talk at PS 2016

6 June 2016   
BBOI team member Andrea Melloni has been invited at the 2016 edition of the Photonics in Switching Conference (Niigata Convention Center, 3-7 July 2016) with a talk titled
“Control, Configuration and Stabilization of Photonics Integrated Circuits”.   

Don’t miss his presentation:
Monday 4 July 2016 – 15:30
Session ME1 – Si photonics Circuits (Room E)
Paper ME1-4

BBOI invited talk at OFC 2016

1 March 2016  
BBOI team member Francesco Morichetti has been invited at the 2016 edition of the Optical Fiber Communications Conference (Anaheim, 20-24 March 2016) to give a talk on the CLIPP detector developed by the BBOI project.  

Don't miss his presentation:
"ContactLess Integrated Photonic Probe: Concept, Technology and Applications"
Monday 20 March 2016,
Session M2I - Photonic Coupling (Ballroom C)
Paper M2I.1 • 01:30 pm

BBOI talk at 2016 PIC international conference

December 2015 
BBOI talk at 2016 PIC international conference
BBOI results on the CLIPP transparent detector will be presented at the 2016 PIC International Conference in Brussels on March 1-2, 2016. The talk entitled “Taking a close, damage-free look at the light in photonic integrated circuits” will be given by BBOI team member Stefano Grillanda.

PIC International provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of this industry, from basic research to materials, equipment, packaging, and the incorporation of chips in data centres and optical networks. Attendees at the inaugural PIC International conference will hear industry-leading insiders delivering more than 30 presentations spanning six sectors.

Read more
Details on speakers and abstracts can be found on 2016 PIC conference website.

BBOI results among the most exciting research in optics

3 December 2015 
BBOI results among the most exciting research in optics
The research activity carried out within the BBOI project on the impact of light-induced surface effects in silicon photonic waveguides has been selected by the Optical Society of America among the 30 most exciting optics researches to have emerged over the past 12 months.

Read more:
S. Grillanda and F. Morichetti, "Light dependence of silicon photonic waveguides", Optics & Photonics News, Dec. 2015.

S. Grillanda and F. Morichetti, "Light-induced metal-like surface of silicon photonic waveguides," Nat. Communications 6:8182, September 2015

BBOI Workshop - Envisioning the horizons of photonic integration

6 November 2015   
BBOI Workshop on Envisioning the horizons of photonic integration  
Integrated technologies enable to generate, manipulate and detect the light on small photonic chips, potentially hosting hundreds of different functions.
Yet, it is not clear what is still missing to make photonic integration penetrate disruptively into the market, and ultimately into everyday life, replacing current technologies.
Spanning across the entire production chain of integrated photonics, from technology level to packaging and control, this workshop aims to provide a broad range view, envisioning short and medium term perspectives in the photonics exploitation roadmap

More informatioon available here