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BBOI demonstrates the first non-invasive integrated light observer

10 February 2014
BBOI has demonstrated a ContactLess Integrated Photonic Probe (CLIPP) that enables non-invasive observation of the light in silicon photonics devices.
Light intensity is measured by exploiting the natural interaction of photons with intra-gap energy states localized at the waveguide surface. The CLIPP introduces no measurable extra-photon absorption and a phase perturbation as low as 0.2 mrad, comparable to thermal fluctuations below 3 mK.
We demonstrated light monitoring in silicon photonics waveguides and high-Q resonators with a sensitivity of -30 dBm and a dynamic range of 40 dB. The CLIPP concept is scalable to hundreds of probing points per chip and provides a viable route for the tuning and the feedback control of densely-integrated photonic systems.


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10 February 2014
The web site of the BBOI project has been completely re-designed for a better user experience. All the information you need are now easily available! Follow us also on twitter and facebook for the last news and achievements from the project.

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27 January 2014
The new web site of the BBOI project is now on line!