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BBOI gets ultra-high-performance quantum photonics

10 January 2017

Ultra-high-performance quantum photonics 
The BBOI team at the University of Bristol has demonstrated ultra-high fidelity single-qubit operations on chip, by using additional optical degrees of freedom, showing bright light extinction ratios as high as 60 dB.

Separately, the team has shown ultra-high-extinction filters—capable of separating a bright laser beam from on-chip single photons. Future on-chip quantum photonics will rely on both advances to achieve the required performance.

Read more:
Piekarek et al, ‘High-extinction ratio integrated photonic filters for silicon quantum photonics’, Optics Letters, 2017, to be published

Wilkes et al, ‘60dB high-extinction auto-configured Mach–Zehnder interferometer’, arXiv 1609.00394.

Ultra-high-performance photonics