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Breaking the Barriers of Optical IntegrationPhotonic technologies enable today to generate, manipulate and detect photons by means of miniaturized devices integrated onto the same optical chip. However, compared to electronics, photonics still lacks essential tools enabling the aggregation of hundreds of functionalities into large scale circuits, this hindering its full exploitation in many applicative domains.

The BBOI project aims to break this limitation, boosting the complexity of photonic architectures well beyond the
state of the art, but without increasing power consumption in proportion.

BBOI showcase

  Photonics at the surface
of silicon waveguides
Universal linear optics Qubit entanglement between
integrated photon-pair sources
  Controlling Photonic Circuits,
Stalking light
on a photonic chip
On-chip quantum interference
between photon-pair sources

University of Bristol chip featured in the new Mathematics gallery of the Science Museum (London)



The real nature of silicon photonics waveguide



CLIPP: The first integrated light observer